Alpaca Names-Funny, Cute & Cool for Female & Male

Alpacas are species of South American mammals of the camel family. They’re usually domesticated for their fleece.The scientific name of an alpaca is Vicugna pacos.

The offspring of an alpaca is known as a cria. Cria is a name with a Spanish origin that means baby.

Following is a list of funny, cute and cool names for female and male alpacas for your inspiration.

Funny Alpaca Names

Funny names are never a bore or a nuisance. Giving one to your pet will always get you in a spirit-lifting mood when you call them out loud.  Here are some ideas.

Funny alpaca-boy and girl pair
Cute Alpaca Pair

Chewpacca: an alpaca is a ruminant and it chews the cud like a cow. Therefore, it’s funny to call it a chewpacca a combination of the words chew and alpaca to get chewpacca.

Rasta: this name is used to refer to someone with dreadlocks. If your alpaca has fine fiber growing downwards, making it appear to hang in dreadlocks from its body.

Softy – alpacas are very calm animals. They do not possess horns or claws to do any harm. This trait makes the name softy suitable for them.

Spitfire – this is a funny name for your alpaca; it makes them seem as if they are dragons which is very ironic as they are very non-violent animals. This name is apt because alpacas spit partially digested grass, which is not pleasant smelling just like dragons spit fire.

Notalama– this is a hilarious alpaca name which definitely suites your pet. This name means not a lama, alpacas are very similar to lamas and this name explains better that they are not llamas very suitable for your pet.

Alpapella – this name is formed by creating a pun by pairing alpaca to the word acapella to form alpapella which is a hilarious name for your alpaca.

Cookie monster – an alpaca is a calm animal who can never do you any harm. Naming him cookie monster is very ironic to an alpaca’s personality.  

Baby Alpacas
Baby Alpacas

Brown Alpaca Names

Brown – this is a perfect name since it means the brown colour hence perfect for a male alpaca.

Bruno – this is a name with an old German origin which means brown.

Donnell – this name was derived from Scottish, Irish elements that mean brown-haired fighter very suitable for your alpaca.

 Bronson – this name was derived from Middle English meaning son of the brown man.

Brownie – this is the feminine of brown hence can be given to a female alpaca.

Cocoa – the cocoa fruit is brown making it a suitable brown name for a female alpaca

Ramona – this is a Hebrew name that means chestnut brown making it suitable for a female alpaca

Aruna – this is a Sanskrit word meaning crystalline reddish-brown suitable for a female alpaca.

Blair – this is from the name of a famous actor Blair brown. Can be used for a female alpaca.

Cinnamon – this is a warm brown-colored spice. Can be used for a cute spicy female alpaca with warm brown color.

Morena – this is a Spanish word that means stem, brown or brown-coated.

Brown Alpaca
Brown alpaca with white markings

Peruvian Names for Alpacas

Peruvian alpacas are very common in some parts of Chile.

An example of a name for a Peruvian alpaca is:

Chile: Chile sounds like the right word for a Peruvian alpaca.  

More names of Peru origin include;

  • Adonica
  • Aiko
  • Alessa
  • Azucena
  • Chio
  • Carito
  • Evy
  • Gaby
  • Gina
  • Katia
  • Laka
  • Lisbeth
  • Luz
  • Aaron
  • Alois
  • Andre
  • Bruno
  • Carlos
  • Cisco
  • Danny
  • Diego
  • Elmer
  • Dario
  • Gael
  • Hans
  • Hulio
  • Luis
  • Matias

Cute Girl Alpaca Names

A female alpaca is a hembra. The following are examples of names that you can give to your female alpaca.

Cute white Alpaca
Cute white Alpaca

Jellybean – jellybeans are sugar candies with a thick interior. The name jellybean is apt for a sweet looking female alpaca

Goldilocks – this name can be given to a female alpaca that has long curled furs that look like dreadlocks. The name suits her if the color of her fur is gold.

Smooches – smooches is a good name for your hembra since she is so cute, you would want to cuddle her.

Fantasy – this is a beautiful name for your female alpaca. Snuggling your alpaca remains a fantasy as she is very sensitive and should not be touched.

Cherry – cherry is a reddish-brown fruit. This name is suitable for a female alpaca with a reddish-brownish fur coat.

Alpbella – this is a name that was derived from an Asian dish and its name is a combination of alpha and Bella. This name is perfect for your female alpaca.

Lily – this is a good name for your alpaca who is as beautiful as a lily flower.

Cool Male Alpaca Names

A male alpaca is called a stud. They are also called machos in Spanish.

Meka – this is a cute name for a male alpaca and another word for soft in the Bulgarian language.

Danger – this name is cute and funny for your male alpaca. It is an ironic name because alpacas are very calm animals and are not dangerous at all.

Alpacaman – this is a good name for your male alpaca. The name is a combination of alpaca and man.

Al bino – this name is suitable for a male alpaca that is white in color.

Elpaca – this is a Spanish pun made by combining ‘el ‘which translates to the, and the alpaca to get elpaca a cute name for your male alpaca.

Foxx – foxes are cute and furry too therefore the name foxx is apt for a macho.

Chilling Alpaca
Relax time!

Good Unisex Alpaca Names

Mullido – this is another word for fluffy in the Spanish language making it suitable for an alpaca.

Alpie – this is a shortened form of alpaca. At times an animal’s original name can just sound suitable for it pet name making this name very fitting for an alpaca.

Fluffy – the name fluffy is a cute name choice for an alpaca, this is because these creatures have curly adorable fur which has a lot of volume making the animal fluffier. This name is very suitable for an alpaca.

Grumpy – alpacas are known for being calm and very friendly creatures. Hence naming an alpaca grumpy is an ironic play on the behavioral characteristics of the fluffy creatures.

Sleepy – alpacas are calm animals and this can be a great name as sleep is very calm.

Buddy – if you have an alpaca as a pet then the name buddy will suit him. This name is a from the slang form of language to mean a friend or a companion.

Atwood – this is a cute name to give to your alpaca and it will suit him especially if he is brown. The name Atwood is inspired by a Canadian poet.

Snowball- this is a perfect name to give to white alpaca.

Hairy – an alpaca is covered in long curly hair, therefore, the name is suitable for an alpaca.

Furry –this is a perfect name for an alpaca because it is covered with fur.

Joey –this name is associated with joy. It can be given to an alpaca that is often jovial and playful alpaca.

Runner – this name means someone who is running or moving from one place to another

Sunshine –sunshine comes from the sun which is associated with bringing brightness and light into the world. This name will suit a beautiful alpaca that brings joy and happiness to you hence lighting your world.