Biblical Dog Names

Biblical dog names, both female and male tend to have a deep, profound meaning that is closely related to the amazing life story of the bible characters as they journey under God’s careful guidance. The names from the Holy Book are in most cases of interest to Christians but anyone can use them.
We have picked a few that we consider being particularly meaningful and suitable for your loving and faithful canine companion:

Top Biblical Dog Names

  • Jacob-The name is male given and of Hebrew origin meaning to follow,to be behind.
  • Ethan-A male given name meaning firm,enduring,strong and lon-lived.Its of Hebrew origin.
  • Noah-A given surname In Hebrew meaning repose, rest.
  • Michael-A male given name of Hebrew origin meaning who is like God.
  • Daniel-A male given name meaning God is my Judge.
  • Matthew-An English language given name meaning Gift of Yahweh.
  • Elijah-A name of Hebrew origin meaning God is Yahweh.
  • James-Its of Hebrew meaning He grasps the heel.supplanter.
  • Andrew-Its Derived from Greek and means manly and consequence brave, strong, courageous and warrior.
  • David-It means Beloved and it’s of Israel origin.

Male Biblical Dog Names.

Abel Meaning “breathe.”Its of Hebrew origin. Abel was tragically murdered by his own brother, but he was faithful till the end.
Abijah – It means “the Lord is my father.Its of Hebrew origin.
Adriel– It means “followers of God.” Its of Ancient Kingdom of Israel.
Alexander– Defending men.” Perfect for a guard dog.
Andreas/AndrewA name that means “warrior.” Suits a dog with great hunting skills.
Asher-The name meansFortunate.” We trust that your dog is fortunate to have a master like you.
Balthasar – God protects the king.” A name that is perfect for guard dogs.
Baruch/BenedictThe names means blessed,”.Its of Tiberian origin.
BenA name meaning blessed,good speaker from Benedict.You can name your dog Ben if you treat him like “a son.
BenjaminSon of my right hand.” Derived from Hebrew.A bit misleading…but Benjamin is a popular name, so it didn’t feel right to leave it out.

Boy dog names from the bible
Boy Labrador

Other Male/ Boy Bible Names Include:

Female BibliCal Dog Names.

Female dogs tend to be more inquisitive, loving, and elegant as compared to their male counterparts.
Finding Biblical names that would suit their loving nature is easy especially since the Bible has an abundance of characters that exude these traits. The following are some of these characters

AdaA name of Germanic origin meaning nobility.                                 

AnnaA Hebrew name meanin favor or grace or beautiful.

AtaraA name of Hebreww origin meaning Crown,Blessed.

BeataA name that id derived from the Latin beatus maning blessed.

BerniceA name of Greek origin meaning bringer of victory.

Candace-A name if African origin meaning Love is Beautiful.

Delilah- A name of Hebrew origin meaning delicate.

Eden-A name of Hebrew orogin meaning delight.

Esther-A name of Hebrew origin meaning star.

Naomi-A Jewish name of Hebrew origin meaning pleasantness.

Female Do
English Bulldog

Other Girl Bible names from the Holy Bible Include:

  • Ruth
  • Talitha
  • Abihu
  • Angel
  • Carmel
  • Goliath
  • Jarah
  • Salem
  • Abra
  • Adriel
  • Asaiah
  • Atarah
  • Benoni
  • Esau
  • Hezekiah
  • Jorah
  • Jubal
  • Laban
  • Linus
  • Malachi / Machi
  • Micajah
  • Obadiah
  • Zebedee

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