Crested Gecko Names

Have you considered keeping a reptile as a pet? When choosing a pet, most people only consider typical household animals like dogs, cats and other mammals and birds. Perhaps you’d like to try something different by keeping a reptile, to be particulate in this case, a crested gecko and you could find it lovely and interesting.

Crested gecko is a species of gecko native to southern New Caledonia and its scientific name is Correlophus ciliatus. They are omnivorous and range in length from 6 to 9 inches, with a lifespan ranging from 11 to 20 years. Because of the eyelash-like projection on top of their eyes, they are also known as eyelash geckos. They resemble miniature dragons and dinosaurs due to their large eyes and elevated scales.

The species comes in a wide range of colors, including grey, brown, red, orange, and yellow in varying tints, including golden. In the wild, they have three color morphs: patternless, white-fringed, and striped. Crested geckos are excellent pets because of their low-maintenance and laid-back personalities, as well as their hardiness and ease of care.

As a gecko pet owner, you should think about your pet’s gender, color, behavior, and other physical characteristics before naming it. Here’s a list of names with meanings for your new crested gecko pet:

Cool Male Crested Gecko Names

If your crested Gecko is male, then you may want to find a unique or even historic name. Names for male crested geckos can be derived from mythology, based on color, temperament, dominance and other masculine factors. Below is a list of names to give your little reptile friend:

Boy Crested Gecko
Chilling Crested gecko

Mushu – a fictional dragon from Disney’s Mulan, and is ideal for reptiles that are red or orange in color

 Rusty – Nickname for a pet with reddish skin tone or a ruddy complexion or one similar to iron rust

Flint – a nice name for a male gecko from the mineral flint

Spike – a lovely name for your male pet

Buckskin – a horse of a greyish-yellow color.

Carmine – a word or French and Arabic origin meaning crimson red

Amarillo – This is a Spanish name that means ‘yellow

Dino – this reptile’s name is a short form for dinosaur.

Cedrica – an English word for ‘chief’, the male version is ‘Cedric’

Bowie – a name of Gaelic origin meaning Yellow or fair-haired

Odin – Scandinavian meaning meaning “raging” or “frenzied”.

Leonardo – an Italian version of the Scandinavian name Leonhard meaning “brave as a lion”.

Loki – primarily a male name of Scandinavian origin that means Trickster God

Lisko – means ‘lizard’ in Finnish, which is a significant distinction. You can give your gecko a nickname after one of their cousins, or so they thought.

D’Or – A French name that means ‘golden.

Etoile – a Spanish word that means “star.”

Darwin – a Gecko name that means ‘dear friend’ in English.

Freddie – abbreviation for ‘Frederick,’ which means ‘calm ruler.’

Speedy – ideal name for a pet who scurries quickly.

Coco – named after the famous fashion designer ‘Coco Chanel

Lightning – the name given to a gecko that that moves as quickly as a bolt of lightning.

Gregory – Greek word that means “watchful,” which is ideal for a pet with large eyes.

Bruno – German word for brown

Blaze – an English name that means “flame” in all senses of the word.

Goldenrod – a cool name for a golden-colored gecko.

Bijou – a French word meaning jewel

Cactus – a spiny-thorned succulent plant” and it is of American origin. Suit for a crested gecko with spiky eyebrow crests, contrary to popular belief.

Blizzard – a violent snowstorm accompanied by strong winds.

Fire – a nod to their resemblance to dragons who are alleged to be firebreathers!

Apollo – A name derived from the name of the sun god in Greek mythology

Brick – a Clay red building material

Teal – a cute word for a bluish or green-colored Crested Gecko

Marigold – bright orange or yellow flower from a plant in the genus targetes

Dahlia – Mexican plant of the daisy family, which is cultivated for its brightly colored orange yellow or red flowers.

Keiji – is a Japanese name that means ‘joyous.’

Macaroni – pasta in the shape of narrow tubes.

Coyote – buff-gray to reddish-gray swift carnivorous mammal  of North America

Nouméa – the capital city of New Caledonia

Celeste – French word that means “heavenly.”

Chiko – Japanese word that means ‘thousand.’

Raspberry – an edible soft fruit related to the blackberry, consisting of a cluster of reddish-pink drupelets

Crista –  a Portuguese name that means “crest.”

Halcyon — a particularly manly Greek name meaning ‘season of peace,’ which is a really great choice for a laid-back Gecko!

Rainbow – a cute and colorful word for a multi-colored gecko although the name is unisexual it is mostly used for male reptiles who have a diversity of colors to attract females.

Tofu – a yellowish brownish food that’s made from curdling soy milk and forming it into a solid block.

Zephyr – ‘a soft, gentle breeze’ best for a calm and graceful gecko

Jabba – This name is a play on Jabba the Hutt, a villain from Star Wars.

Slate –  name iof Old English origin meaning “hewer of slates”.

Tiger – big cat from Asia that is orange with dark stripes

Alani – Hawaiian word meaning orange as in the fruit

Suzu – ‘bell’ in Japanese. Most ancient bells have a brownish or copper-like coating which might be the color of your gecko

Scraper – name meaning  fighter, quarreler also: a fierce competitor

Lemon – a type of sour citrus fruit with yellow skin

Pac-Man – Anything that consumes indiscriminately. After a yellow character in a game who consumes dots in a maze

Nevaeh – a name derived from‘heaven’ spelt backwards

Cappuccino – a famous type of prestigious coffee

 Pluto – a planet named after the Roman god of death

Nero – ancient Roman name meaning “strong and vigorous”

Pepper – hollow red, green, or yellow vegetable, eaten either raw or cooked with other food as a spice

Cocoa – Chocpolate brown colored like the cacao bean

Zephira – name gotten after the dragon from the film ‘Eragon.’

Bree – an Irish word meaning strength or power

Granola – kind of breakfast cereal usually brownish

Auburn – a word of French origin meaning reddish skin

Sunrise – dawn when the sky is bright orange, reddish and yellow.

Yuval – a Japanese name meaning ‘lily child’

Mars – name derived from the red planet that is next to earth

Popcorn – a lovely name for your pet from the snac

k made from corn.

Coral – having a colour between orange and pink:

Igor – Russian Gecko name that translates to “calm warrior.”

Ares – The name Ares signifies “ruin,” since Ares was the Greek god of battle in Greek mythology.

Jin – Chinese name meaning ‘gold”, ‘bright’ or beautiful.’

Rex – derived from the Latin word for king

Nugget – name meaning a small lump of gold or other precious metal found ready-formed in the earth

‘Lagarto’ – Galician word that means ‘lizard.’ can be a cool name for a gecko.

Knight – a warrior from the Middle Ages who fought on horseback,

Baojin – Chinese name meaning precious gold

Sienna – Latin, used to describe an orangey-red color

Rocky – meaning rock or having rocks in literal sense. Best name for a gecko with color of ricks

Biscotti – a biscuit (or cookie) of any kind, as used in a very recent somewhat Italian context.

Spot –  a small area of a surface that is different from other best for a gecko with a unique or remarkable spot on its body

Margot – French word that means “pearl.”

Maple – reddish-yellow or yellowish color

Adam – a Hebrew name meaning Man, to be red, red earth

Goldie – Anglicized form of Yiddish Golde or Golda, meaning ‘made of gold.’

Sunny – Meaning:sunshine, happy, or cheerful temperament

Dragon – geckos bear the physique and resemblance of the imaginary beings, dragons.

Kami – Japanese name that means ‘divine radiance.’

Phantom – an English word meaning ghost or a figment of the imagination.

Kaiju – Japanese word that means “alien animal.”

Gonzales – a name gotten after the ‘Looney Tunes’ cartoon character ‘Speedy Gonzales.’

Flick – Geckos use their tongues to communicate with their surroundings, and this name is a playful homage to this tendency.

Pickle – A relish consisting of vegetables or fruits preserved in vinegar or salty water.

Leo – Latin word for lion. For a brownish golden-colored Gecko

Cleo – a Greek word meaning ‘illustrious’,

Sunset – the time in the evening when the sun sets and the sky is orange

Luigi – a name meaning famous warrior.

Erehwon – a backwards spelling of the word “nowhere.”

Saffron – an orange-yellow flavoring, food coloring, and dye made from the dried stigmas of a crocus.

Angel – an adorable word meaning ‘messenger from God’

Enzo – a nickname form the short form of l Lorenzo, a very cool Italian surname.

Neo – name of American origin that means New.

Ferrari – a cool name after the Italian sports car

Atlas – a Greek mythological name that means “everlasting.”

Fawn – Meaning: Beige, light brown, or tan, like a young deer

Flame – a yellow, orange,  or red mass of burning gases.

Bubbles – literal sense meaning a pocket of entrapped air, which is quite significant.

Choco – alternative name for a shortening of “chocolate”

Flash – move or pass very quickly. Suit for a gecko that moves fast

Louis- a gold coin issued in France between 1640 and 1793.

Fringy – laid back, relaxed, cool, maybe somewhat conceited.

Zora – Slavik word meaning dawn when the sky is bright orange

Peanut – this tiny brownish nut is ideal for a brown miniature gecko.

Caledonia – after the habitat of many Crested geckos.

Casper – This phantom name is perfect for cresties with lighter color morphs, but it’ll work with any gecko!

Good Female Crested Gecko Names

For female geckos, you can find names related to mythology, color or even flowers and the name has to be pretty in a feminine way. Here are some names for your female pet:

Girl Crested Gecko
Cute gecko in flower

Amber – a color name that refers to a warm honey shade.

Flavia – a Roman word referring to the color yellow or meaning golden

Blondie – a small square of dense, pale-colored cake, typically of a butterscotch or vanilla flavor.

Reese – name meaning ardent or fiery,

Orlagh – Celtic name that means “golden princess.”

Julia – Latin name that meaning “youthful” in English.

Reeta – a Finnish word that means ‘pearl.

Pandora – According to Greek mythology, Pandora was the first mortal woman.

Sable – a marten with a short tail and dark brown fur

Carrot – a root vegetable, typically orange in color

Mahogany – name from the straight-grained, reddish-brown timber from a tropical hardwood species.

Orla – an Irish name meaning the golden princess

Penny – a copper coin. For a copper-colored female gecko

Miya – a Japanese word for aesthetics or beauty

Mimi – female name meaning sea of bitterness

Lona – is a Hungarian female name that means “light.”

Sugar – sweet crystalline material that may be extracted from a variety of plants. If you have a female pet that you adore, this is a great name for her.

Aphrodite – a female name of Greek origin that means Born From Sea Foam

Athena –  old Celtic word meaning ‘bear”

Clove – cloves are dried flower buds from the clove tree

Gigi – the name translates to “earth worker” or “God is generous.”

Pearl – a smooth, spherical, sparkling body that forms inside the shell of some mollusks.

Sabrina – name that means “river nymph.”

Tawny –  an orange-brown or yellowish-brown color.

Petunia – a South American nightshade plant with funnel-shaped white, purple, or red flowers.

Libby – an English girl’s name that means “pledged to God.”

Canela – meaning cinnamon which is the bark of a tree of the laurel family, used as a spice.

Isleen – an Irish female given name. Meaning: a vision or a dream.

Scarlet – good name for a reddish Gecko from Scarlet, a brilliant red color

Nutmeg – the hard, aromatic, almost spherical seed of a tropical tree.

Saffron –  a color and a food spice that comes from the yellow saffron flower.

Melora – a Greek name that translates to golden apple

Honey – the golden-colored, sweet, syrupy liquid produced by honeybees. For a golden color, this is the best option. Gecko

Cindi – Kynthos woman or moon goddess

Tea – nice name with the coat coloring as the beverage tea

Suzi – a feminine English name that means Lily Flower.

Helga – a female given name that derives from a Germanic word that means “holy.”

Lindo – means ‘cute’ in Italian

Hazel – a reddish-brown or greenish-brown color

Tulip – plant with a large, brightly colored, bell-shaped flower

Rosy – the color of a rose, either pink or red

Xanthe – a Greek name meaning yellow or gold

Ceres – Greek goddess whose name means “goddess of corn.”

Carmela – a name of Hebrew origin that means golden

Opal – a gemstone made of silica-rich waters.

Jasmine – a fragrant climbing shrub with white, pink, or yellow blossoms.

Chrysanthemum – a name with a Greek origin meaning ‘golden flower’

Jackie – an English name that means “God is generous.”

Freya – Norse word that means “noble woman.”

Marigold – plant of the daisy family with yellow, orange, or copper-brown flowers

Sunflower – a tall shrub with enormous yellow flowers that bloom in the summer.

Cinnamon – brown colored spice that is made from the inner bark of trees known as Cinnamomum

Judi – feminine Hebrew name that means “Jewess.”

Sapphire – A beautiful gemstone, Severn Sapphire is a form of the mineral corundum.

Ariel – A biblical female name meaning lion of God

Lea – a  grassy or arable terrain that is open to the public.

Laurelin – means song of gold and is of English origin

Gypsy – a nomadic or free-spirited person, Goldie – having the color of gold.

Ruby – a gemstone that ranges in hue from pinkish-red to blood red.

Eldora – a Spanish name meaning ‘covered with gold.

Artemis – The meaning of Artemis is ‘butcher’, according to its Greek origin

Aurelia – a Latin female name meaning golden

Lavender – a little scented evergreen shrub with thin leaves and bluish-purple blossoms that belongs to the mint family.

Hera – Hera was the goddess of womanhood, marriage, family, and childbirth.

Dally – The name Dally is of English origin, and its meaning is ‘to delay’ or ‘to loiter.’

Henna – a dye with an orange color, with a red or brown tint to it.

Bridget – a female Gaelic/Irish name originating from the term brgh, which means “power, strength, vigor.”

Buttercup – a female English name that means “yellow wildflower.”

Brandy – brown alcoholic spirit distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice.

Heather – a flowering evergreen plant that thrives on barren places.

Rosaura – Spanish name that means golden rose

Frigg – a Scandinavian name with the meaning of ‘love.’

Carmella – primarily a female name of Hebrew origin that means Garden.

Dina – a female version of the words ‘judged’ and ‘vindicated.’

Poppy – a plant that produces a huge, delicate blossom that is usually red in color.

Sandy – having the color of sand

Blossom – primarily a female name of English origin that means a Flower or a Bloom.