Gothic Dog Names for your Girl & Boy Canines

The term “gothic” refers to a culture that combines horror and romance. The Gothic style encompasses music, architecture, literature, and fashion, and the Gothic subculture is notoriously enigmatic and mysterious.

It is also thought that gothic conjures up ideas of a subculture of people who dress in dark colors and wear dark accessories such as black fingernails, black garments, dark eyeliner, dyed black hair, and black period costumes. The names may also contain elements of gothic imagery, style, and iconography.

While some of these names have fairly dark and peculiar connotations, they can nevertheless be lovely names for your dog.

If you’re looking for a unique name for your dog, these Gothic names and their meanings will undoubtedly appeal to the mysterious and beautifully dark side of your soul.

When selecting a representative Gothic name, regardless of the cause, you should investigate its roots and any hidden meanings. Below is a selection of male and female Gothic names you can choose for your dog.

Male Gothic Dog Names

Erebus – Greek origin meaning “deep darkness” or “shadow”

Reaper – a name derived from grim reaper which is a personification of death in the form of a cloaked skeleton wielding a large scythe.

Fang – the tooth of a venomous snake, by which poison is injected.

Balor  – One-eyed giant in Irish mythology

Griffin – Mythological beast with the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle

Teuer – a Goth name that refers to something expensive.

Azrael –  this is the Hebrew name for the Angel of death.

Thanatos – this is the name of a Greek God of death.

Akeldama – A name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘field of blood’.

Abbadon – this is the Hebrew name for the demon of destruction

Dargan – a name of Irish origin that means ” the dark-haired one”.

Lucifer – another name for the devil.

Moloch – an ancient pagan god, and a unique gothic baby boy name.

Morte – French meaning death.

Dade – A name of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘the dark one’

Necro – prefix meaning relating to death

Astaroth – the Grand Duke of hell.

Azrael – the Islamic angel of death.

Hades  – Greek lord of the underworld

Corbin – French and English: nickname meaning ‘little crow’,

Caedmon – Irish name meaning a warrior filled with wisdom

Nephilim – Race of half-human giants who lived in the earth long ago

Belial – a Hebrew name for the devil.

Chaos – total disorder, or the Greek idea of total emptiness.

Draven – a name of American origin meaning ‘heavily built crow’

Elatha – the name of the golden-haired Prince of Darkness

Hannibal – the ancient general who led his army of elephants across the Alps.

Iblis – one of the many names of Satan in Islamic folklore.

Phantom – English name meaning a ghost or something apparent to sense but with no substantial existence

Aro – Hebrew name that means “bearer of martyrs” and “exalted”, “enlightened” or “of the mountains” and “mountain of strength”

Spike – primarily a male name of American origin that means Long, Heavy Nail.

Nosferatu – a name presented as an archaic Romanian word, synonymous with “vampire”

Wolf – One of the most beloved gothic animals

Ingram – Word that indicated ‘the son of the raven’

Etienne – French name that stands for ‘crown’

Renwick – Old English for ‘raven’

Noir – Literally stands for ‘black’ in French

Niall –  a name of Gaelic origin meaning Coming from clouds

Magnaa – A name of Norse origin meaning ‘strong’ or ‘great’

Waldron – Combination of German words for ‘foreigner’ and ‘raven’

Xenos – Greek name for ‘stranger’

Damian –  Damian is a historic name that means “to tame” or “subdue

Astaroth – A demon in Christian mythology

Zephyr – Word meaning ‘gentle

Osiris – God of the dead in Egyptian mythology

Casper – a friendly child ghost in the movie the friendly ghost

Griffin – Mythological creature that has the head and wings of an eagle and a lion’s body

Nodin – English name that refers to ‘windy day’

Eldritch – Adjective used to describe ‘ghostly’, ‘sinister’ or ‘frightening’

Urien – King of Gore in Welsh and Arthurian legend

Kane – In Welsh, Kane means ‘beautiful’. May also be a stylised version of biblical character .

Cyclops – one-eyed giants in Greek mythology

Sherlock – someone who investigates mysteries or shows great perceptiveness.

Lazarus – Biblical character from the New Testament

Brander – Stands for ‘sword of fire’

Keir – The Gaelic-Celtic meaning for the word is ‘little dark one’

Storm – any disturbed state of an environment or in an astronomical body’s atmosphere especially affecting its surface,

Edgarr – English name that signifies ‘rich’, ‘abundant’, ‘prosperous’; also the name of one of history’s best gothic writers, Edgar Allen Poe

Blaise – Comes from the name of Greek Saint Blaise

Natrix – Latin word for ‘water snakes’

Ulfred – Stands for ‘wolf of peace’

Ascelin – Points to ‘of the moon’

Cadell – Reflects the idea of ‘battle spirit’

Phelan – Origins in the Irish name for ‘wolf’

Damien – historic name that means “to tame” or “subdue.”

Perseuss – Ancient Greek hero and word to describe ‘destroy’

Imbolc – The name of a Celtic festival that inspired Groundhog Day

Kalon – Ideal perfect beauty in the physical and moral sense, especially as perceived by Greek philosophers

Lucienn – The French form of Latin Lucius derived from the root lux (light)

Zacchaeus – Biblical name from a character who was a tax collector and climbed a tree see Jesus

Ishmael – Name of Hebrew origins after Abraham’s illegitimate son

Hunter – a name of English origin that means “one who hunts

Merle – French form of the Latin merula, meaning ‘blackbird’

Zen – From Buddhism, with emphasis on meditation

Cadogan – a Welsh name meaning battle glory or honor

Elwin – Meaning:elf or magical being, friend.

Orion – Hunter in Greek mythology and a well-known constellation

Sirius – the brightest star in the night sky.

Hemlock – A type of poison; the same that was taken by Plato when he took his own life

Malik – One of the names for God in the Karan, standing for ‘king of kings’

Gawain – A Welsh name meaning:white falcon or little falcon.

Ransleyy – English name with the meaning of ‘raven meadow’

Valentine – Latin name for ‘strong’, ‘healthy’

Lycidas – Conveys ‘the son of the wolf’

Yama – The name of the god of death in Hinduism

Jael – name of Hebrew origin that means Wild Mountain Goat

Boo – from a funny sound said to be made by ghosts while haunting people.   

Angelus – a ringing of church bells announcing the Angelus(a Catholic incantation)

Qadir – Muslim name that stands for ‘servant of the powerful’

Dorian – Greek name with a romantic allure

Hades – The world-famous dark god of the underworld in Greek mythology

Saber – A name of French roots, meaning ‘sword’

Martel – Used to describe the ‘forceful one’

Briar – prickly scra

mbling shrubs, especially wild rose

Crow – big black birds that are usually considered as evil portents of misfortune.

Demon – evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell.

Phoenixx – Reference to the mystical creature that rises from its own ashes

Eoghan – A word with Gaelic origins – ‘youth’

Zane – Arabic for ‘beautiful’ or ‘good’

Frey – Norse god of fertility, crops, peace, and prosperity.

Payne – One of the most noble surnames in France

Hellhound – A demon in the form of a dog.

Belial – A different word for ‘Satan’

Serpent – name meaning a large snake

Idris – The name Idris means studious, smart, or to learn in Arabic.

Auberon – German origin name meaning:noble or royal bear.

Obsidian – Gemstone formed from lava

Strigoi – The term used to refer to the vampire creatures in TV show The Strain

Alumit – Means immortal in Hebrew

Ozul – Unique name that reflects ‘shadow’

Salem – Reflects the concept of ‘complete’, ‘peaceful’

Lennon – May mean ‘little blackbird’ or ‘lover’ in Gaelic

Grendel – creature of darkness, exiled from happiness and accursed of God

Roguee – May mean ‘savage’, ‘unpredictable’ or ‘dishonest’

Requiem – A mass held for the dead in the Roman Catholic Church

Jarlath – In Irish, Jarlath stands for ‘tributary lord’

Davorin – In Slavic mythology, Davor is the god of war

Tartarus – An dungeon of torture in Greek mythology, located in a steep abyss. The name of the titan prison

Malachi – Hebrew origins that point to ‘my angel’ or ‘messenger’

Kazimir – Slavic name that represents ‘peace destroyer’

Thorn – topographic name for someone who lived by a thorn bush or hedge

Riordan – In Irish, Riordan means ‘royal poet’

Israfel – The angel that announces Judgment Day by blowing his horn

Orpheus – Musician and poet from Greek mythology that ventured into the underworld to rescue Eurydice, his dead wife

Valerian – Sedative obtained from the Eurasian plant with the same name

Tearle – English name that symbolizes ‘stem’

Tristan – In addition to the Arthurian legend, Tristan also stands for ‘outcry’

Brendan – Name that springs from ‘small raven’

Jack – name meaning God is gracious. It also has various references for gothic culture

Ywain – ‘Young warrior’ in Arthurian legend

Astrophel – Represents ‘the one who loves stars’

Forrest – A stylised form of forest, in the literal sense

Samael – Hebrew meaning of ‘venom / poison of god’

Gabriel – Inspired by the eponymous archangel

Grimbald – A name meaning one who is fierce

Winter – the coldest season of the year in polar and temperate zones

Khalid – Arabic name that stands for ‘eternal’

Gothic themed scenary
Gothic theme

Female Gothic Dog Names

Badriyah – Arabic name meaning Resembling the full moon.

Bernia – a name of Gothic origin meaning The angel in armor.

Eve – Biblical; the first woman blamed for the destruction of the garden of Eden

Nightshade – Any of the poisonous plants belonging to the genus Solanum,

Kiera – Irish name meaning little dark one breeze

Adrienne- A Latin name meaning the dark one

Tama – primarily a female name of Japanese origin that means Jewel

Sullivan– Irish name meaning the dark eyed one Draconia – derived from Draconian meaning extremely severe or cruel.

Amaris – From the Latin amarus: bitter

Anastasia – Greek name meaning Resurrection

Medusa – A snake-haired lady who turns people to stone; From Greek mythology

Hecate – Greek goddess connected to demons, witchcraft and the underworld

Ianira – Strongly related to the idea of ‘enchantress’

 Aurora – Roman goddess of the morning

Hestia – Can mean ‘fireside’ or ‘star’. Name of Greek goddess of right ordering Hestia

Hesperia – From Greek mythology, Hesperia means ‘rising star’

Garnet – Comes from the deep red gemstone with the same name

Jocasta – Means ‘sparkling moon’

Eris – After the Greek goddess of discord

Elysium – The place where heroes in Greek mythology go when they die

Jevera – Jevera in the Gothic origin, means Life.

Edana – A rough interpretation would be ‘small, fiery one’

Circe – Greek goddess of magic, daughter of the god of the sun Helios

Izora – Izora in the Gothic origin, means Dawn

Danika – Slavic name that stands for ‘Morning Star’

Kairos – Word from ancient Greek that translates to ‘supreme moment’. May also be interpreted as ‘time’

Feronia – In Roman mythology, Feronia was a goddess connected to fertility, abundance, wildlife, health and forests

Dionisia – Comes from the name of the Greek god Dionysus, the god of wine and grape harvest

Morticia – Yet another classic gothic name

Kali – Highly feared Hindu goddess; Sanskrit for ‘the black one’

Autumn – Season when trees shed their leaves

Crimson – Rich, dark red colour, similar to that of blood

Sabrina – In Celtic mythology, Sabrina is the goddess of the Severn river

Calista – Greek origins meaning ‘the woman that is most beautiful’

Minerva – Classic gothic reference for ‘the goddess of wisdom’

Felicia – Romantic name from the Latin felix for ‘happy’

Lisha – Points to the darkness before midnight falls

Drusilla – From the Greek drosos, meaning fruitful, strong one

Calliope – ‘Beautiful voice’ and the ‘muse of poetry’

Gehenna – In the New Testament, Gehenna represents hell, ‘a state or place of torment and pain’

Layla – Indicated ‘night’

Ethelinda – Combines Old English terms ‘noble’ and ‘snake’

Faline – Can be interpreted as ‘feline-like’ or through its Irish origins – ‘in charge’

Diamanda – Derived from the word ‘diamond’; brilliant, precious

Belinda – Can mean ‘bright serpent’ or ‘beautiful’

Poison – anything that kills or injures through its chemical actions.

Kavita – Sanskrit for ‘poem

Gossamer – The thin substance that can be found in small cobwebs

Naenia – In Roman mythology, ‘the goddess of funerals’

Gwendolen – it represents ‘fair’, ‘blessed’ and ‘white’, as well as ‘bow’ or ‘ring’

Elvira – a name of Spanish origin meaning “white, fair

Lamya – Reference for ‘dark lips’

Branwen – Representative for ‘beautiful raven’

Blair – With Celtic, English, Gaelic, Irish and Scottish origins, Blair means ‘from the plain’

Chandra – Means ‘the moon that shines brighter than the stars’

Solanine – The poisonous substance that is in nightshade

Magena – Stands for ‘the moon that is about to come’

​Kalonice – Also of Greek origin, Kalonice represents ‘victory of beauty’

Kalma – Goddess of death in Finnish mythology

Joliette – French origins that point to ‘pretty’

Isis – Egyptian goddess of nature and sky Isis was the mother of Horus and wife of Osiris

Lethia – Symbolizes ‘sweet oblivion’

Luna – Latin origins: ‘moon’

Morwenna – Another word for ‘maiden’

Jezebel – Blasphemous biblical queen of Israel

Wednesday – a name derived from the names of two gods

Ordelia – Stands for ‘elf’s spear’

Xylia – A stylised form of Sylvia or Xylon, which stand for ‘forest’

Valentina – Derived from the Latin word for ‘strong’ and ‘healthy’

Narcissa – Feminine version of Narcis; also means ‘daffodil’

Xenobia – In ancient Greek, it stands for ‘the life of Zeus’

Whisper – Literally speaking softly

Umbra – From the Latin word meaning ‘shadow’

Nesta – Welsh name that signifies ‘purity’

Raven – The black bird associated with death and horror

Titania – the queen of the fairies and wife of Oberon

Nissa – Name with Scandinavian origins,meaning ‘friendly elf’

Perdita – Latin for ‘lost’

Ursula – Roots in the Latin word for ‘bear’, ursa

Velvet – Literal meaning; ‘soft’, ‘smooth’

Ophelia – Famous heroine from Shakespeare’s work

Musette – French origins, represents the ‘child of the muses’

Roesia – French name for ‘rose’

Pandora – The first mortal woman in Greek mythology

Vespera – Esperanto for ‘of the evening’

Wanette – Stands for ‘the pale one’

Willow – The name of a graceful and flexible tree. Also symbolized ‘death’ in the Victorian era

Onyx – Black, with reference to the gemstone with the same name

Velika – Slavic name for ‘wonderful’

Renita – Latin word for ‘reborn’

Lilith – Dangerous demon of the night

Timandra – Name that stands for ‘honour’

Scarlett – Stylised version of Scarlet, referencing the colour

Thora – Scandinavian name  for ‘thunder’

Blair – Name of Scottish origin meaning “dweller on the plain”.

Rhapsody – An epic poem in Ancient Greece or the expression of feelings with great enthusiasm

Philomena – Greek word for ‘loved’

Orenda – A spiritual force that stands for ‘magic power’

Nirvana – In Buddhism and Hindu, it represents extreme bliss and profound silence

Ulva – Represents the idea of a ‘she-wolf’

Sardonyx – From the gemstone onyx, a red version

Rain – water falling from the sky considered as a blessing.

Vanita – Derived from the ‘vanity’ meaning meaningless

Semyazza – The name of a fallen Christian angel

Wren – A small bird; the name has Old English origins

Osanna – Represents ‘merciful’

Tristessa – From the Latin word that stands for ‘sorrow’

Turaya – Another word for ‘star’

Siren – women or winged creatures whose singing lured unwary sailors on to rocks

Bellatrix – name of Latin origin meaning “female warrior”

Samara – name of Arabic origin meaning “guardian or protected by God

Irina – Irina is an Eastern European form of the Greek-Latin name Irene, which derived from the Greek goddess of peace Eirene.

Claudia – a name of biblical origin meaning lame

Banshee – The Irish fairy who appears to warn a family of death

Ophelia – Derived from Greek (ophelos) meaning “help”.

Rowena – name of Welsh origin meaning “white spear or famous friend”.

From the lovable Addams family

Buffy – meaning God is my oath. Buffy is from English origins

Clarissa – derived from the Latin word clarus, which means bright, clear or famous

Penny – A small sum of money.

Mildred – female English name meaning strength

Black Male Dog-Lab
Black Boy Labrador Retriever

Remember that the true beauty of a gothic name extends beyond well-chosen letters intertwined in a pleasing manner. The meaning of a name can make it even more unique, reinvigorating the bearer’s attributes.

As you may have seen, many beautiful gothic names have mythological roots. You can select a gothic name inspired by the god or goddess with whom you have the strongest connection.

Whichever name you choose, make sure it accurately reflects your dog’s personality, qualities, and any other characteristics you consider.