Nautical Dog Names-Boating, Sailing, Shipping, Navigation and More!

Nautical means of or one concerned with navigators, sailors, or the sea; maritime. If you love boating, shipping, sailing, yachting, boating or seagoing, you definitely want to give your dog a name that is linked to these activities.

From Captain, Shippy, Wave, Anchor, Decker, Sailor, Splash to Pirate, there are quite many nautical-themed names you can give your male or female canine. Read on for more.

Boating Dog Names

Boy boating names for dogs include;

Santa – this is a name from the Santa Maria ship that can be used for a male dog

Hunley – this is a name named after H. L. Hunley which was a submarine of the confederate states of America that played a small part in the American civil war.

Mighty Mo – nickname for the USS Missouri named after the US state of Missouri. It was the last battleship ever built and the most formidable. It was a lowa class battleship that saw combat in world war two            

Vic – short for the HMS Victoria. This was the lead ship in her class of two battleships of the royal navy.  

Bismarck – from the battleship

Bow – this is the front part of a boat and can be used for a male dog

Bailer – something that can be used to remove water from a boat

Buoy – this is a floating object used for navigation

Boomer – this is a slang term for a ballistic missile submarine

Cutter – this is a boating inspired name for a male dog that means a small boat  

Sailor – this is a name that means a person who works on a boat and it’s a perfect boating inspired name for a male dog

Tender – this is a boat used to carry people to and from a larger ship.

Barge – this name refers to a towed or self-propelled flat bottomed boat, built mainly for river, canal and coastal transport of heavy

Yacht – this is a term used to refer to a recreational boat or ship

Boating Dog Names
Pooch on a boat

Female names

Ariel – this is the name of a mermaid in the Disney movie “the little mermaid”. She is a very beautiful mermaid princess. This makes it suitable for a female nautical dog

Berth – this is a boat inspired name that can be used for a female dog meaning a sleeping area on a boat

Breezy – this name means a mild wild and popular name for a female dog

Bell – in nautical terms this is a name used for a bell that is placed on a buoy

Dory –t his is a name that can be used for a female dog and it means a small shallow boat

Tug – this is a small boat used in harbours great name for a female dog

Decker – this can be given to a female dog that is often found asleep on hardwood floors

Ship Dog Names

Male names

Hook – after the captain hook of the cartoon Jake and the Neverland pirates

Captain – the head of the ship

Cabin – a place in the ship

Ahab – named after captain Ahab of Moby dick

Brig – this is a ship with two square-rigged masks

Carrack –this is a ship with three or four masts

Black beard – this is a legendary pirate

Bunker – this name refers to a container for storing coal or fuel oil for a ship’s engine

Corvette – this name refers to a flush decked sailing warship of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries having a single tier of guns, ranked next below a frigate

Titanic –after the famous RMS Titanic

Vic – short name for the HMS victory

Pharaoh – after the ship in the count of Monte cristo

Stern – from the name astern which means towards the back of the ship

Cargo –this name means goods or merchandise carried on a ship

Convoy – this is a name that means a group of ships traveling together

Crew – this name can be used and it means the group of people who work on a ship

Galleon – in the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries Europe this name was used for a multilevel ship.

Helm – this is a ship inspired name that means the mechanism that steers the ship

Master – this name in nautical terms means a ship with a specified number of sails. It can be used for Alfa male or female dog

Rudder – this is a flat object used to steer a ship and can be used for a male dog

Jack – this name refers to a sailor. Informally it refers to any flag flown by a ship

Clipper – this term is used to refer to a very fast sailing ship of the 19th century that had three or more masts, a square rig, a long, low hull and a sharply raked stem.  

Ship related names for dogs
cruise Ship

Female names

Anchor – heavy part of the ship used to keep it in place

Galley – this is a name that can be given to a female dog and it is a name used to refer to the kitchen area of a ship

Frigate – this is a name that can be used for a female dog and it name used to refer to a type of warship

Sailing Dog Names

The following are sailing-themed female and male dog names

Male Names

Bartolomeo – named after Bartolomeo Dias the first European to round the Cape of Good Hope

Columbus – after Christopher Columbus who sailed to find the new world

Amerigo- after amerigo Vespucci a historic explorer and sailor

Drake –named after Francis drake who was the second person to circumnavigate the world

Popeye – this is the spinach gulping muscled cartoon sailor

Vasco – this is a name after vasco da Gama one of the most iconic maritime explorers

Skipper – this is a term used to refer to the captain of a ship.

Gilboy – after Bernard gilboy who sailed a self-built schooner across the Pacific Ocean

Slocum – after Joshua Slocum the first man to single handily sail around the world

Dutch – name of the functional ship called the Flying Dutchman

Ghost – name for the fictional ship in the sea wolf

Barrel man – refers to a sailor that was stationed in the crow`s nest

Commodore – the term refers to a military rank used in many navies that is superior to a navy captain, but below a rare admiral. Often equivalent to the rank of flotilla admiral or sometimes counter admiral in non-English – speaking navies.

Admiral- this term refers to a senior naval officer of flag rank.

Sailor themed dog names

Female names

Naomi – after Naomi James the first woman to sail solo around the world via Cape Horn within 272 days.

Kay – from kay Cottee an Australian sailor that single handily sailed around the world in 189 days

Cottee – from kay Cottee the Australian sailor that sailed around the world alone for 189 days

Skipper – from skipper thuridur one of the earliest women sailors and a celebrated fishing captain in Iceland who is recognized for being able to traverse the dangerous North Atlantic waters. She is also recognized for sailing for years without losing a single member of her crew.

Grace – name after Grace O’Malley who was one of the brave women pirates and best women sailors in the world since her life presents heroism, sailing skills and determination  

Navigation Dog Names

Male names

Compass – this is a navigation instrument used to show the direction of the vessel in relation to the earth`s geographical poles or magnetic poles.  

Nav – the short form of the word navigator. This is a person on board so a ship or aircraft responsible for planning, managing and directing a vessel`s voyage.

Canal – this is a narrow man-made water passageway

Otter – this is a medium-sized marine mammal

Nemo – nemo is a young fish that got lost in the Disney movie “Finding Nemo”.nemo is a cute name for a male nautical dog.

Laker – this refers to ship that carries cargo on the great lakes. A great name for a male nautical dog.

Sonar – this is an acronym for sound navigation and ranging. A method used of using sound pulses to detect, range and sometimes images under water targets and obstacles or the bed of the sea.

Pilot – this name refers to a navigator a especially knowledgeable person qualified to navigate a vessel through difficult waters for example a harbour pilot

Radar – this refers to an acronym for radio detection and ranging. This is an electronic system designed to transmit radio signals and receive reflected images of those signals from a target in order to determine the bearing and distance to the target.

Submarine – this is generally a watercraft capable of operations underwater able to renew its own power.

North – this is a direction in which a ship could be moving towards

Bearing – this term refers to the horizontal direction of a line of sight between two objects on the surface of the earth.

Binnacle – refers to the stand on the ship onto which the compass is mounted.

Female navigation pooch names

Star – from the nautical star which was used as a tool of navigation and also a symbol of hope. It refers to the Polaris which is the North Star. It was used by navigators in ascertaining longitude and latitude.

Wake – refers to turbulence behind a vessel

Beach – this the is land by the sea

Coral – this name refers to living organisms that make up the coral reefs on the coast. It is probably the most beautiful nautical name.

Pearl – this is a hard object found in the shell of the oyster. This name can be used for a female dog

Nemo – this a famous fish and star or a movie. It is a suitable name for a female dog

Orca – this is a type of a whale known as a killer whale

Mate – this a name that means a fellow seaman or friend. This name is great for both a female and a male dog

Sandy – this name means the land that is covered with sand and adjacent to the sea. This is a popular name for a female dog

Shrimp – this is a type of crustacean

Tide or tidal – this is a name that can be given to a female dog that is greatly influenced by the moon as tides is the rising and falling of sea or ocean waves that is influenced by the moon.

Island – this refers to a piece of land surrounded by water. Perfect for a female nautical dog

Knot – this refers a unit of speed. Perfect name for a female nautical dog with great speed  

Windward- this term refers to in direction from which the wind is coming from

East – a direction in which the sun rises from and it can be used on a female nautical dog

Other Good Nautical Girl & Boy Dog Names

Fisher – this name can be given to a dog that loves water

Diver – name can be given to a water-loving female dog that is not afraid to go underwater.

Bikini – this name can be given to a female dog that loves the beach and is often happy to be on the


Catfish – this is a type of fish found in the ocean. A dog with this name is often a real scavenger.

Bubbles – refers to the trapped air caused by the rapid movements of water. This is a great name for a champagne coloured feminine dog. 

Clipper – a name given to a dog inbuilt with great speed.

Lach – this is a Scottish name that means the one who lives or dwells by the lake.

Batten –this refers to a stiff strip used to support the roach of a sail hence increasing the sail area

Boom – refers to a spar attached to the foot of a fore and aft sail.

Bow – this refers to the front of a vessel

Brig – refers to a vessel with two square-rigged masts

Harbour – this is a place where ships may shelter from the weather or are stored

Regatta – this refers to a series of boat races usually of sailboats or rowboats but occasionally of powered boats

Romper – this refers to a ship that breaks ranks from a convoy and romps ahead 

Saltie – this refers to great lakes terms for a vessel that sails the oceans

 Ahoy – refers to a cry to draw attention. A term used to hail a boat or ship

Ballast – refers to a material that is placed to hold a vessel to provide stability

Pontoon – this term refers to a flat bottomed vessel used as a ferry, barge, or car float or a float moored alongside a jetty or a ship to facilitate boarding

Spinnaker – this term refers to a large sail flown in front of the vessel while heading downwind

  • Dora
  • Floats
  • Blue
  • Queenie
  • Sky
  • Stripes
  • Ropes
  • Waves
  • Turtle
  • Star
  • Marina
  • Poseidon
  • Indigo
  • Ocean
  • River
  • Ferdinand
  • Shorsey
  • Gallant
  • Matey
  • Sunny
  • Shippy
  • Aqua
  • James
  • Portia                                                                                                            
  • Ruddy
  • Anka
  • Rosemary
  • Sanford
  • Isla
  • Fiddley
  • Moon 
  • Beachy
  • Kailani
  • Forest
  • Bowers
  • Cringle
  • Remy
  • Neptune
  • Sirena
  • Chocks
  • Hank
  • Morgan
  • Irwin
  • Sasheer
  • Nami
  • Spanky
  • Moses
  • Piper
  • Guppy
  • Erasmus
  • Soleil
  • Cruise
  • Dodger
  • Stormy
  • Orca
  • Lighthouse
  • Voyager
  • Splash

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