Peacock Names-for Baby, Girl and Boy

Peacocks are a beautiful species of birds found in Asia and Africa. Peacocks are also called peafowls. The scientific name of a peacock is Pavo cristatus.

Peacock Baby Names

The offspring of a peacock or in lame terms the baby of a peacock is called a peachick. There are many name suggestions given for a baby peacock.

Baby Peacocks
Peacocks chicks

Good names for baby peacocks.

There are not so many names for a baby peacock as they with time grow hence can be given any peacock names. The most outstanding name for a baby peacock is

Baby – this is a fitting title for a baby peacock or a peachick.

Munchkin – this can also be used to refer to a baby peacock especially if you treat them like your own children.

Sunshine – this can be suitable for a baby peacock that is marvelous and brings sunshine to your life.

Noisy – this name can be used for its noisy nature.

Names for Male Peacocks

A male peacock is normally referred to as a peacock. Here is a collection of name ideas to give your boy peacock.

Male Peacock
A male peacock

Caelum – this is a name with a Latin origin that refers to heaven

Celestino –this is a name inspired by the sky.

Cobalt – this name refers to a blue mineral. Being blue in color cobalt can be used to name a blue feathered male peacock.

Cerulean – this name means a blue color

Royal – this word is used to refer to the deep shade of color blue

Shyam- this word is a Sanskrit name for the dark blue color

 Thanh – this word is a Thai name for the bright blue color

Zeru – this word is a Basque name that means the sky. The sky is a shade of blue and peacocks often have blue feathers making it suitable for a masculine peacock.

Denim – this is an adorable name for a pet male peacock keeping in mind its electric blue plumage.

Blueberry – this is another color-oriented name for your pet peacock. Since blueberries are blue in color.

Twinkly –this name can be given to a special male pet peacock that happily gleams with its high-spirited aura.

Buddy – this name can be used for a pet peacock that is the best friend you have ever had.

Arnie – this is a beautiful name suitable for a fun-loving peacock

Homer – this is a name with a pinch of Greek mythology that refers to a feathered friend making it suitable for a peacock.

Abel – this name is used for a peacock with a rather silent demeanor contrary to this species` noisy antics.

Leo – this is a name that is short and easy for a male peacock especially if you are not a fan of overly complicated titles.

Baxter – this is a badass name to choose for a pet peacock with a spunky personality.

Handsome – this name can be given to a pet male peacock that you believe is stunning and very attractive hence making it look handsome.

Names for Female Peacocks

A female peacock is normally referred to as a peahen. The following is a list of names from which you can pick

Female Peacock
Female peacock with chicks

Jewel – this is a beautiful name associated with beauty and has a subtle and feminine ring to it making it suitable for a peahen.

Celeste – this is a name that can be given to a female peafowl that has shades of blue in its feathers. This name is inspired by the blue sky.

Celine – this is a name with a Greek origin which means heavenly. This can be given to a very eye-catching female peafowl.

Cyane – this name can be suitable for a peacock that has shades of blue feather. Cyane is a name based on the color blue.

Kailani – this is a Hawaiian name that refers to the sea and the sky very suitable for a female peacock.

Livia – this is a name Spanish name with a Spanish origin that means blue. This name is also suitable for a blue-feathered female peacock.

Mora – this is a Spanish name that refers to blueberry. This is a suitable name for a beautiful blue feathered girl peacock.

Neela – this is a Hindi name that means sapphire blue. This is also suitable for the blue female peacocks

Talia – this is a name with a Hebrew origin that means dew from heaven.

Tamara – this pleasant-sounding name can be used for very elegant peahen.

Angie – this is a cute and pleasant name for a friendly peahen that loves interacting with you and also other people.

Azure – this is a beautiful name that can be picked in case one needs an extraordinary endearment for your peahen.

Starlight – this is a fitting name for a peahen that seamlessly stands apart from the crowd. A lone wolf peahen.

Layla – this is a name for a peahen that boasts a feminine aura.

Sasha – this is a great name for a pet peahen that charms everyone with a dash of spunk and finesse.

Candice – this is a name suitable for a peahen that is always happy and has a playful state of mind.

Beauty – this is an awesome name to pick in case you want to make the magnificence of your peahen known instantly.

Delphiniums – this is a name derived from a stunning blue-hued flower that belongs to the delphium family.  Name can be used on the peahen to emphasize it blue plumage.

Famous Peacock Names

Very few peacocks have been able to appear in movies and plays as characters. This is because peafowls are found in Asia and Africa only. Here is a list of the famous peacocks

Praline – this is the name of the only noticeable peacock that appeared in any Disney character. The first debut he made was in blue ribbon bunny from the series of Sofia the first. Praline was a very proud peacock who loved to eat apples.

Tweety – this is the name of a famous character from looney tunes and warner bros. he is yellow in color which is completely not related to his name. Tweety is formed from a combination of two words that is sweet and tweet where tweet is from special sounds of birds called onomatopoeia.

Kevin – first appeared in the up series. She looks like a peahen with her giant body and feather colors. She was very confusing due to her gender confusion.

Mr Ping – he is a character in the kung Fu panda. Without him the series is incomplete. He was a supporting character of the movie. Owned a noodle shop in the valley. He has grey and white feathers and brown body color. His long neck makes him resemble a peacock.