Quotes and Sayings About Golden Retriever Dog

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds, known for their friendly, loveable nature. Their endearing personality has made them stars in pop culture and media, leading to many famous movie quotes and sayings that capture their spirit. This article features a collection of golden retriever quotes and phrases that sum up their joyful temperament.

Funny Golden Retriever Quotes

In addition to being gentle companions, golden retrievers have a playful spirit and sense of mischief that leads to some hilarious quotes:

  • “What I say: No dogs on the sofa. What my golden hears: Feel free to sprawl across the entire couch.”
  • “I asked my golden to fetch the newspaper and he returned with a stick.”
  • “Roses are red, violets are blue, please throw the ball, my owner threw.”
  • “My golden retriever’s tail wags so hard sometimes I worry he’s going to take flight.”
  • “Police officer: Whose dog is this? Me: Officer, I’ve never seen this golden retriever in my life.”
  • “If my golden retriever had pockets, they’d constantly be full of tennis balls.”
  • “When a golden retriever is smiling, it usually means someone left the fridge open.”
  • “Me: We don’t have room for a dog. Gets golden retriever puppy Me: Okay, no more dogs. One week later Me: So when will our new golden puppy arrive?”
  • “My golden retriever woke me up at 6 AM on Saturday. He wanted to make sure I didn’t miss the weekend.”
  • “Golden retriever owners know the most effective alarm clock has four legs and a wagging tail.”
  • “Having a conversation with my golden is like talking to an adorable wall that occasionally licks me.”
Light Golden coat Golden Retriever
Light Golden

Inspirational Golden Retriever Quotes

Golden retrievers have a gift for living joyfully in the present moment. As one quote goes “My golden retriever didn’t care that we stayed home all day – every moment was an adventure.” Their infectious exuberance can lift your spirits, reminding you to appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

Some inspirational sayings about goldies from famous people include:

“I have four dogs, golden retrievers.” Denise Richards
“The loyalty and love of a golden retriever are unmatched, making them the perfect family companion.”Betty White
“I got a golden retriever a year after I was born.”Jon Hamm
“The face of a golden retriever feels like home.”Michael Ian Black
“My sunshine doesn’t come from the skies, it comes from the love that’s in my golden retriever’s eyes.”Unknown
“A house is not a home without a golden retriever.”Unknown
“The love of a golden retriever is like no other.”Unknown
“Golden retrievers are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”Roger Caras
“You can always trust a golden retriever to be your friend, even when no one else can.”Unknown

More Quotes

  • “A golden retriever’s joy reminds you to take delight in the little things.”
  • “Having a rough day? Hug your golden retriever and you’ll feel the stress melt away.”
  • “A golden isn’t just a pet, it’s a ray of sunshine you can hold in your hand.”
  • “Be happy like a golden retriever – loving life in the present moment.”
  • “A golden retriever’s wagging tail and shining eyes can make any bad day brighter.”
  • “My golden retriever didn’t care that we stayed home all day – every moment was an adventure.”
  • “A golden retriever puppy is a bouncing ball of happiness in furry form.”
  • “The only creatures on earth who love you more than golden retrievers are actual angels.”
  • “A golden retriever’s joy jumps right into your heart and makes itself at home.”
  • “In every golden retriever’s heart is their owner’s smile.”
  • “A golden retriever’s enthusiasm reminds you to approach each day with excitement.”
  • “Having a golden retriever is like carrying around your own personal ray of sunshine.”
  • “A golden isn’t just a pet – it’s a little bundle of love on four paws.”

Famous Movie Quotes About Golden Retrievers

Some of the most classic golden retriever quotes come from popular films. The following are some of the most popular

  • “I am ready to play now coach, just throw the ball!” – Air Bud (1997)
  • “I’m old, I’m not useless” – Shadow in Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)
  • “He’s my dog, and I’ll never give him up” – Ethan in The Retrievers (2001)
  • “Tramping through Golden Retriever country up here” – Sam in I Am Legend (2007)
  • “Buddy was born to play basketball” – Josh Framm in Air Bud (1997)
  • “You’re my new best friend now, come on let’s play!” – Clifford in Marmaduke (2010)
  • “My name is Zoe. I’m a golden retriever. Yeah, I know. Irresistible right?” – Zoe in Golden Winter (2012)
  • “When I ran towards home, he bounded after me, barked joyfully and jumped up to lick my face” – Bailey in A Dog’s Purpose (2017)
  • “Where’s your boy Timmy, Shadow? Isn’t he with you?” – Shadow’s owner in Homeward Bound 2: Lost in San Francisco (1996)
  • “Good boy, Buddy. Good boy. Who’s gonna be the next big sports superstar, huh?” – Josh Framm in Air Bud: World Pup (2000)
Cream Golden Retriever, Male and Female
Cream Goldies

Sayings About Golden Temperament

There are many sayings used to describe the affectionate golden retriever’s temperament:

“Friendly as a golden retriever” – highlights their sociable, approachable nature

“Gentle as a golden” – captures their patient, easygoing personality

“Make new friends wherever they go” – describes their outgoing, social tendencies

Love and Loyalty Quotes About Golden

Goldens form deep bonds with their owners and are known for their steadfast devotion.

As one owner put it “I aspire to be the person my golden retriever thinks I am”. They provide unconditional love and stick by your side in good times and bad.

As the saying goes “Golden retrievers are angels sent from above to spread their sunshine and share their love”. Their legendary loyalty is captured beautifully in these quotes.

“Unconditional love: the secret behind a golden retriever’s soulful eyes.”

“A golden retriever’s love is a treasure that never fades.”

“In a world where everything changes, a golden retriever’s love remains constant.”

“A golden retriever’s heart is an endless well of love, ready to pour out at your feet.”

“When you need a hug, a golden retriever is always there to provide one.”

Short Quotes Hashtags for Instagram

  • “Golden retrievers bring joy wherever they go, with a wagging tail and a heart that glows.”
  • “A golden retriever’s love is like sunshine, warm and comforting.”
  • “In the eyes of a golden retriever, you’ll find a world of pure love.”
  • “Life is brighter when you have a golden retriever by your side.”
  • “The best kind of therapy has fur and four paws – it’s called a golden retriever.”


  • “Life is better with a golden by your side. 🐾❤️ #GoldenRetrieverLove #PawsomeCompanion”
  • “When in doubt, snuggle it out! 🐶💕 #GoldenRetrieverCuddles #DogLove”
  • “Greet every day with a golden smile! 😄🌞 #GoldenRetrieverLife #HappyPup”
  • “Living the golden life, one tail wag at a time! 🌟🐕 #GoldenRetrieverLife #DogLifeGoals”
  • “My golden retriever is my sunshine on a cloudy day! 🌈🐾 #GoldenRetrieverBond #ForeverLove”

Golden Retriever Day Quotes & Sayings

  • “Happy Golden Retriever Day to my favorite ray of sunshine!”
  • “Let’s celebrate the cutest, fluffiest, happiest dogs around – golden retrievers!”
  • “Wishing a paw-some day to all the golden girls and boys out there!”
  • “It’s your day to be extra goofy and get all the treats, goldens!”
  • “Golden Retrievers – Making every day a little more golden.”
  • “Dear Golden Retrievers, keep being your amazing, lovable selves! Happy Golden Retriever Day!”
  • “Thank you for always fetching my slippers and making me smile, goldens!”
  • “On Golden Retriever Day, give your pup some extra ear scratches from me.”
  • “Play fetch, get belly rubs, and enjoy Golden Retriever Day, you adorable furballs!”
  • “Golden retrievers, you get a 10/10 for being the best companions.”
  • “Happy Golden Retriever Day to the world’s cutest, sweetest BFFs!”
  • “Golden retrievers – you were worth every chewed-up shoe. Happy Golden Retriever Day!”
  • “Every day is Golden Retriever Day when you have one as your best friend.”
  • “Celebrating the love and loyalty of our golden retriever on this special day.”
  • “A day to honor the golden retriever’s golden heart and spirit.”
  • “Wishing all the golden retrievers out there a day filled with endless fetch and belly rubs!”
  • “Here’s to the golden years with our golden companions! Happy Golden Retriever Day!”

These uplifting quotes capture why golden retrievers make such excellent companion dogs. Their cheerful outlook and jubilant spirit are positively infectious.

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