Best Funny Racehorse Names: Ridiculous and Hilarious

The sport of horse racing has one of the most outstanding naming system. If you’ve attended a horse race event, you probably must have heard names that not only sound strange but also mesmerizing.

Maythehorsebewithu, ARRR, Hoof Hearte, Red Hot Filly Pepper, Spineless Jellyfish, onoitsmymothernlaw and Notacatbutallama…just to mention of a few of the names. These names may sound strange and hilarious but most of them have awesome stories behind them.

One most the most common question that people ask is why racehorse names are weird and funny. The reason is the creative process the horse owners undergo when coming up with unique and memorable names that are not the same as the existing ones. What makes the process even more interesting is the names must meet many other requirements provided by horse racing authorities.

 Following are some of the funniest names in history.


Arrr, an American gelding, ran at Saratoga on Aug. 16, 2008, and put forth a winning performance. Commentators had great time mentioning this racehorse’s name.

Mywifenosevrything / Thewifedoesntknow

These two horses are forever linked because of one race in 2010. Incredibly, these two horses ran against each other on Aug. 22 at New Jersey’s Monmouth Park.

Even more incredibly, the two moved in tandem around the far turn, leading to one of the most bizarre stretch duels in racing history. Mywifenosevrything beat Thewifedoesntknow in a classic call.

Ha Ha

Ha Ha is a thoroughbred horse born in Australia in 1998 that won 8 of 25 career starts

Ha Ha


It is one of the most creative yet funny horse name. To this day, not much known about the link between the horse and the mother in law.

Onoitsmymothernlaw  had only four career starts which included a win at Saratoga Race Course, and the race call included the hysterical comment, “Onoitsmymothernlaw … won’t go away!”


This name was borrowed from a game of Taboo played by the owners of horse. The hysterical response made for an eye-catching name that used most of the 18 characters allotted by the Jockey Club, but the horse that possessed it was far more than a punch line.

Notacatbutallama won a pair of Grade 3 races as a 3-year-old and ended his career with nearly $800,000 in earnings.


Panty Raid

An American Thoroughbred racehorse born on March 8, 2004. Panty Raid won five of 10 career starts, including two Grade 1 races, and she wound up earning more than one million dollars.

Panty Raid will best be remembered for her stirring victory in the Grade II $200,000 Black-Eyed Susan Stakes on May 19, 2007.

Panty Raid-silly racehorse name
Panty Raid

Hoof Hearted

This another creative yet unrefined name. It may not seem obvious but if you say loud and repeatedly, it sounds like ‘Who Farted’.


He gained popularity at the 2012 Grand National Runners. Though shakalakaboom didn’t win the race, a lot of fans loved his awesome name.


A New Zealand thoroughbred. The very best for Star Wars fans.

My Tent Or Yours

The Irish-bred, British-trained horse is owned by JP McManus.


Honestly, why would you do that? Take a second and think about it. This was a thoroughbred that had an interesting name in a question form.

Frisky No More

This gelding’s mother was called Frisky Business, believe it or not.

Bofa Deez Nuts

Bofa Deez Nuts is a gelding quarter horse. He ran at Will Rogers Downs and Remington Park (both located in Oklahoma), and he found the winner’s circle for the first time in June 2018.


From the book, which many are familiar with. Foaled in 2010, Fiftyshadesofhay won five of 20 career starts (including three graded stakes races) and banked more than $1 million in career earnings.



Adding a sense of music to environment in style. Doremifasollatido’s winning performance turned heads, but it was Durkin’s race call that makes people remember her fondly to this day.

Doremifasollatido won the Grade 2 Matron as a 2-year-old and banked more than $260,000 in career earnings.

Magic Carpet Burns

This was an Australian mare. It is listed as one of the dodgy horse names that gave racing commentators sleepless nights. Interestingly, magic carpet burns’ father was called Foreplay.


The British horse was bred using a stallion named Pursuit of Love and a mare called My Discovery, which makes sense.

Horsey McHorseface

The American thoroughbred was given his moniker after a ship in the UK was named Boaty McBoatface following a public poll.

Stopchargingmaria / Stopshoppingmaria / Stopspendingmaria

These horses were all owned by Mike Repole, who made his fortune as the co-founder of Glaceau, which was sold to Coca-Cola for $4.1 billion in 2007.

However, despite his wealth, Repole apparently is not keen on the spending habits of his wife, Maria. He named several horses in this vein, and some of them could really run.

Stopchargingmaria, for instance, won more than $3 million in her career, and among her triumphs was a win in the 2015 Breeders’ Cup Distaff.

Leading By A Length

This was British runner from the 1970s. Had a winning name but unfortunately hardly led by a length. You can imagine the challenges the commentators had while calling it…

More Hilarious, Ridiculous and Silly names

punny and funny horse pictures
Hey what’s ya name?

There are many more interesting, crazy and playful race horse names.They include;

  • Red Hot Filly Pepper
  • Sotally Tober
  • Spineless Jellyfish
  • Bodacious Tatas
  • Where’s the Beef
  • That’s Whatshesaid
  • Mookie’s Runnin
  • Slumpbuster
  • Curse Reversed
  • Riding Miss Daisy
  • Eighteencharacters
  • Junkinthetrunk
  • Nosupeforyou
  • Odor in the Court
  • Walk of Shame
  • Barely Legal
  • Whatamichoppedliver

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