Gypsy Cat Names

When you search up Gypsy in the English dictionary, it literally implies a wandering or free-spirited person. The Gypsy people, on the other hand, are members of a race of people that originated in Asia and used to travel and live in caravans. The Gypsy, also known as the Romani, is thought to have originated in the Indian subcontinent. The Romani have always been nomadic, traveling and settling throughout the Mediterranean, Middle East, and America. Roma Gypsies and Irish travelers are the two types of gypsies. Both are well-known for their nomadic lifestyles. Roma gypsies are originally from the northern Indian subcontinent and now live in Europe and America. The Irish gypsy travelers are from Ireland.

As a result, many Gypsy names reflect their absorption into the adopted country. The Romany gypsy names represent their culture and are woven into the landscape in which they live. Some come from Spanish, Hebrew, English, and the Bible. As a result, giving your Gypsy cat a “Gypsy” name gives them a name that is distinctive, meaningful, and has a nice provenance.

For their free and wandering existence, gypsies are admired and coveted. Operas, literature, cinema, and historical stories all feature them. Many people admire their easygoing and bright lifestyle.

When applied to the Romani, or Roma, people, however, the term gypsy is today considered an ethnic slur.

Below are lists of both female and male Gypsy names, as well as their meanings, from which you can choose the appropriate name for your feline companion.

Male Gypsy Cat Names

Male Cat Grey
Boy Cat

Walafrid – This name which means “peaceful stranger” is a fitting one for a chat with the characteristics described by the name.

Leander – The name is associated with Greek mythology, pronounced lee-AN-der. and the meaning of its meaning is “lion man”.

Nestor – A given name of Greek origin that means “one who returns from travels”.

 Dwade – beings of American origin, the name Dwade means dark traveler. It’s a blend of dwane and wade

Cheng – A traditional Chinese name that is quite popular and it simply means “journey” or “trip.

Dagfari – The Nordics created this famous name by combining two words. It means “one who travels during the day.”

Django – the name Django is a male name of Romani origin meaning “I awake”

Garridan – a Romanian name associated with the Romani gypsies, that means ‘he keeps secrets’.

Emin – Emin Pasha of Germany is known as one of the greatest adventurers of the Ottoman Empire.

Charaka – Has Indian origins. It means ‘vagabond’ or ‘traveler.’

Nerio – this is a Greek male name and its meaning is “Sea Traveller; Water”.

Romer – a regional or ethnic name for a Roman or more generally for an Italian pilgrim or someone who has traveled to Rome

Odin – a Scandinavian name with ties to norse mythology. The name means ‘lord of frenzy’ or ‘leader of the possessed’,

Somerled – a name traced from Viking settlers of ancient Scotland that means mariner, Viking, summer wanderer, or sailor

Farold – a name of old English origin meaning mighty traveler.

Freedom – A gender-neutral name of American origin that means Not In Captivity.

Durriken – a Romania gypsy name meaning he who forecasts or a fortune teller.

Alfarinn – a male name of Norse origin that means “wanderer.”

 Csaba – a Hungarian given name for males. The name may primarily  means either “shepherd” or “gift”

Bohemia – a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts.

Pippin – A nickname for the English name Peregrin, meaning “traveler” or “pilgrim. It  is sometimes shortened to Pip

Vetle – This name is derived from Old Norse and its meaning is “winter traveler.”

Danior – This Romany origin name means “born with teeth”. The name is a variation of the Romani word “danior” meaning teeth.

Finn – an Irish name which is a reduced anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Finn ‘descendant of Fionn’, a byname meaning ‘white’ or ‘fair-haired’

Walafrid – Old German name means “traveler” or “wanderer.

Walabert – With a similar origin to that of Walafrid, this Old German name also means “traveler” or “wanderer.

Eporedorix – The term Eporedorix is derived from three different Celtic words. They signify “horse,” “journey,” and “king” separately. The moniker refers to someone who is the king of horseback riding

Ferdinand – Ferdinand is primarily a male name of German origin that means To Be Courageous.

Baul – an English Gypsy name that means snail. Baul can be a suitable choice for a lazy and or slow cat..

Kymani – a name that is said to be of East African origin whose meaning is “adventurous traveler.

Stigandr – The name Stigandr has ancient Scandinavian roots. It means “wanderer.”

Faramund – Arabic origins and means protector of travelers.

Kamwendo – Kamwendo is a Malawian name that can be traced back to the Chewa people. It means “traveler” or “walker.”

Rounin – In Japanese, this name translates to “he who drifts or wanders.”

Duke – a male name of Latin origin. Meaning “leader”

Somerled – an Irish surname that means “summer sailor.” It’s ideal for a family who enjoys the water.

Doran – Doran originated as an Irish name that meant “stranger” and “one in exile.”

Windell – a name of German origin that means traveler or wanderer

Tubal – in Biblical names the meaning of the name Tubal is: The earth, the world, confusion.

Django – a  name of Romani origin meaning “I awake”.

Lash – This name is of Romani origin and is the variation of the name Louis meaning “renowned warrior”.

 Bartley – A name of Scottish origin meaning birch tree meadow

Bavil – a name of English origin that means moving air or wind

Fale – a Gaelic – Irish name meaning superiority or descended from a ruler

Ayaan – The Yakuts belong to the Turkish ethnic group. One of their male surnames is this. It literally means “travel.”

Ilgiz – Originating from Russia, this name means “wanderer or “traveler.”

Akaitcho – name from a copper Indian who was a Yellowknife tribe’s great chief. His name meant big feet and is related to wolves.

Tripp – A name with its origins in English derived from trip and it means ‘a journey.’

Vettel – A word of Norwegian origin that means ‘winter traveler.’

Yoska – A name of Romani origin meaning God shall add another son

Leonora – a male name having Roman origin and means compassion or light

Zipflo – a male name of controversial origin and meaning but allegedly said to mean witness

Motshan -a Romani gypsy name of uncertain origin

Dika – allegedly a name of Serbian origin meaning pride

Lillai – being an name of Chilean origin, the name is said to mean ” both summer and spring”

Kaven – an Irishale name that means handsome or good looking

Zindelo – a male name of Romani origin meaning son or sonny

Llewellyn – A male name pronounced loo-ELL-en and is of Welsh origin,meaning of “like a lion”.

Manfre – a short form of Manfred which is of Old German origin, meaning “man of peace”. Its is one of the most popular gypsy name

Rover – a British name that means traveler or wanderer

Jett – primarily a male name of English origin that means very Black.

Cliff – this masculine name comes from the Old English origin ‘clif’ which means cliff, steep descent, or rock.

Zulan – this is a Zulu name for males meaning The wanderer.

Traviata – an Italian name that simply means astray or lost.

Stephano – a Greek masculine name meaning victorious

Dolen – a name meaning the dark-haired one. Best for a black furry cat.

Brendon – a name derived from the Gaelic name Breandán, which means prince or king

Faron – British name that means handsome servant

Journey  – a name of American origin

meaning  ‘trip’ or ‘experience from one place to another’.

Vanda – in German, the names primarily means wanderer; family

Collyer – this name is derived from the Old English word col, which means coal

Menowin – a ubiquitous name in the Romany Gypsy culture and has German roots derived from two words meaning strength and friend.

Motshan –  a Romani name having its origin in Russian and Yiddish language name Movcha and Moses a Hebrew origin name. The exotic-sounding name means “son”.

Nehemiah – a popular Gypsy name of Hebrew origin that means God Has Comforted.

Polo – a male name of Tibetan origin that means “brave wanderer”

 Ocean – This popular Gypsy name is usually given to a youngster born during the Mayflower’s ocean trip. Might be suitable for your cat born at in the same period

Paddy – a name of Latin origin, that means ‘nobleman’ and is a pet name of Patrick. It is also a very popular Irish name.

Patrick – A popular Gypsy name of Latin origin meaning “son of a noble”

Wilder – an English surname, sometimes used as a given name, meaning “untamed” or “wild”.

Patrin – a nature-inspired Gypsy male name of Romany origin that means “leaf trail”.

Jaelle – a name of Hebrew origin that means mountain goat

Pyramus – A popular mythological name used by Romany gypsies with Greek origin and is taken from the name of river Pyramos meaning “fire

Silvanus – Silvanus is a popular name in Romany Gypsies. It is of Latin origin meaning Of the forest. God of trees and forests.

Vano – The meaning of this popular Gypsy name is “God is gracious.” This Romany variant of Ivan is a common Gypsy name in Europe and the United States.

Ephraim – a Hebrew biblical name that means fruitful

Alphonso – a male name derived from Germanic words meaning noble and ready

Female Gypsy Cat Names

Female Cat
Cute Girl Cat

Pippy – A female nickname for the English name Peregrin, meaning “traveler” or “pilgrim. It can also be shortened to Pip

Roma – a girl’s name of Italian origin referring to its capital city, Rome. In mythology, Roma was the daughter of Evander, who named Rome for her.

Fernanda – Fernanda is the feminine alternative of the male name Fernando. The beautiful name means “adventurous.”

Paris – a feminine name derived from France’s capital, which is a major European city and a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture

Mhambi – a south African name meaning traveler or one who goes on adventures”

Raahi – This is a name of  Hindu name that means “good traveling companion.”

Lavinia – the name Lavinia is basically a female name of Latin origin that means Woman Of Rome

Flora – The Roman goddess of flowers and spring, who was the wife of Zephyr the west wind

Florence – primarily a female name having Latin origins that means Prosperous, Flowering.

Lawanda – a name having American origin that primarily means ‘little wanderer.’

Perry – a name derived from the Latin language, related to Peregrine, meaning “traveler” or “pilgrim”

Clementina – This beautiful Gypsy name is of Latin origin derived from ‘clemens’, meaning merciful.

Eulophia – name used to describe a genus of epiphytic or terrestrial orchids,

Celeste – Travelers used the sky or skies to traverse the seas and land in ancient times.

Kisaiya – The name is Romany Gypsy and it simply means ‘Full of Life’.

Zujenia – Zujenia was a fairy in Romanian mythology.

Rosella – a female name of Latin and French origin, meaning “rose”.

Malina – the name is of Greek origin meaning “raspberry”.

Trinity – primarily a female name of English origin that means Pertaining To The Holy Trinity

Vadoma – A Romani feminine form of the male Russian name Vadim, meaning a ruler

Margaret – a female name that comes from the Hebrew word “margaron,” which means “pearl.”

Mercy – primarily a name of English origin meaning compassion or forbearance.

Lamina – The female name Lamina means “water nymph” in Basque mythology,

Traviata – Travista is an Italian origin name that means ‘wanderer.’

Wanda – This Slavic name means “shepherdess.” This can be roughly translated to “wanderer.”

Sabina – a female name of Latin origin that means Sabine Woman. Sabines were a tribe that lived in the central Apennines of ancient Italy.

Aishe – Aishe is of African origin and means “Everything is possible with God by your side”.

Elissa – Elissa is a name with Greek origins and means ‘wanderer.

Alissa – Phoenician name that means “virgin” and “wanderer.”

Alamina – a name of Arabic origin that means a smart person

Fernanda – Spanish origins and means ‘journey.’

Vanda – A name With both German and Spanish origin that means ‘wanderer.’

Zina – in Africa, the name means a secret spirit while based on green origin the name means shining or going back

Penelope – a greek name traceable from Greek mythology and its meaning is weaver

Liberty – a name of American origin that means independence and freedom in English.

Esmeralda – Esmeralda is a perfect name for your female Gypsy kitten It is derived from the Spanish word esmeralda, meaning “emerald”

Kizzy – a diminutive name of keziah which is a Hebrew name that means cinnamon.

Amelia – this is a name of Latin origin. The root of this name is Amal, which means “work.” So basically Amelia means industriousness.

Florica – a name of Romani origin perhaps derived from the Romanian word Floarea which means “flower.”

Sojourner – This name means “to stay for a while” in French. Sojourner Truth, a civil rights leader, adopted it. What a perfect name, especially considering she was an activist traveling throughout the country.

Charani – a name of Hindi origin that means

Lala – a female name of Bulgarian origin meaning tulip

Femi –  a popular Nigerian given name of Yoruba origin which means “love Me”.

Theodosia – a female name with Greek origin meaning God’s gift

Mala – Mala is primarily a female name of Sanskrit origin that means Necklace, Garland.

Mareesha – The meaning of the name Mareesha is “traveler.” The name comes from the Hindu vernacular.

Mizella – A Romani name of uncertain origin and meaning thought to be a corruption of the names Marcella or Michelle

Alemonia – A Roman name that means wanderer or rover

Tiena – an English name that means “Light; Deity”.

Peregrina – Latin origins and means ‘pilgrim’ or ‘traveler.’

Saira – a Hebrew name that means princess.

Nan – Nan is the diminutive name of Nancy and Anne and is of old English origin meaning grace.

Titi – African Nigerian name that simply means flowers.

Sojourner – gender-neutral American name that means “traveler,” although is primarily used for females

Deedra – a name which is a variant of Deirdre (Irish, Gaelic), and the meaning “broken-hearted, sorrowful

Theodosia – a Greek female name meaning God’s gift

Queenie – The name Queenie is an affectionate, or pet use, of the term queen and is of old English origin.

Begonia – french name meaning Begons flower from the colorful house plant with fleshy leaves and white, yellow, pink or red blossoms.

Rosella – a name of Latin origin simply meaning a rose

Masilda – this name probably derived from the name Mathilda/Matilda of German origin which mean ‘battle-mighty’

Barbara – With English origins and means ‘a traveler from a foreign land.’

Beatrix – With origins in German, Hungarian, Dutch, English, and Late Roman and means ‘voyager’ or ‘traveler.’

Alma – a name is pronounced AL-mah. It is of Latin, Italian, Hebrew and Arabic origin meaning nourishing, kind

Ethelinda – a name of old German origin that means noble serpent

Everilda – a female name of English origin meaning boar battle

Saira – a lovely name. The word ‘traveler’ has Urdu and Hindi origins.

Njeri – A name of Eastern African origin that means ‘traveling one.’

Mahala – This rhythmic name is popular in Romany gypsies and is primarily a name of Hebrew origin that means Sickness.

Beatrix – This semi-popular English name is derived from the name Viatrix. In the Latin vernacular, Viatrix means “traveler.”

Gitana – a female name having Spanish origins that simply means ‘wanderer.’

Diana – the name has Greek, Latin, and Indo-European origins and it  simply means divine

Tillie – a pet form of the name Matilda which means mighty in battle

Isra – An Arabic name that means journey of the night.

Oshina – the name is of Sanskrit origin and it means “Gift of God”.

Gypsy – Gypsy can also be used as a feminine name and is of English origin meaning “wanderer”.

Drina – In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Drina is: Defender of mankind.

Fara – Fara means traveler in Old High German

Lela – The name is primarily a female name of Spanish origin that means Lofty

Sayyora – Sayyora and Sayor (the masculine equivalent) are both Uzbeki names that mean “wanderer.”

Selina – A given name of Greek origin that primarily means moon

Charity – a feminine given name derived from the English word charity that means giving and kindness.

Naomie – a female name of Hebrew origin meaning pleasant

Shelta – a name of controversial origin that means a voice that moves ot wanders and is the secret language spoken by the Irish travelers.

Wendell –  based on Anglo-Saxon ‘wendan’, the name simply means a traveler or wanderer.

Syeira – a female name that has Romani roots and the name means princess

Asra – Asra is a feminine Arabic name that means “nocturnal journey” from the Arabic name “isra” that similarly means “travel at night

Tasarla – a female name having English Gypsy roots. The name means ‘morning, evening’.

Tekon – derived from the lengthy Mohawk name Tekonwenaharake  that can be translated as “her voice travels/wanders  through the wind.”

Saira – The Hebrew name Saira means “she who is like a bird.”

Fawnie – a short form of the English word fawn which is a deer’s offspring.

Asra – Arabic origins and means ‘travel at night.’

Rhoda – this is a female given name, originating in both Greek and Latin and its primary meaning is “rose”

Nuri –  a name of Hebrew origin that means My Fire. In Arabic it means my light.

Asena – a Turkish name that simply means wolf

bird, nomad

Kezia – Kezia is a gypsy name with Old Testament origin. The name is very popular in Romany gypsies and it means “cassia tree”.

Ethelinda – This lovely name is a spin-off of Aethelind. The name which means Noble Maiden is ideal for your female kitty.

Musofira – Musofir is a name that means “traveler” in Uzbeki culture. Musofira is a female version of the surname Musofir.

Ammy – a name mainly popular in Christian religion whose main origin is in Latin.  The name means Dearly loved.

Tsura – a Romani gypsy form of Slavic Zora. The name TSURA means “light of dawn.”

Gillie – name of Old German and Latin derivation that simply means bright promise or youthful.