Dog Names that Mean Happy & Joy

Dogs are naturally playful, cuddly and charming creatures that bring us joy and happiness wherever we go. Owing to the fact that they make us smile, giving them names that reflect what they offer is of course candid.

From Joy, Happy, Kiki, Felix, Dayo, Ayo, Thabo, Abi, Eda, Gila, Raha, to Alan there are a quite number of female and male dog names that mean happiness. Following is a collection of more names from different cultures and languages around the world.

Female Dog Names that Mean Happy

  • Aida– An Arabic name that means joy
  • Ayo-A Yoruba gender-neutral name meaning joy.
  • Kazu- A name is of Japanese origin meaning harmony or peace.
  • Thabo-A name of African origin that means happiness or joy.
  • Dayo-The name is from Yoruba language meaning pleasure is coming.
  • Trixie- A variation of Beatrix meaning she who brings happiness
  • Edith– A Hebrew name meaning delight
  • Ada-A German name meaning happy.
  • Etta-Variant of Ada
  • Eda-Variant of Ada
  • Aleeza-It is a Jewish name that means joyful.
  • Bliss-Translates to Cheer, joy, and extreme happiness
  • Dita- Means ‘happy and prosperous.’
  • Duscha- A Russian name meaning happy! It is a variant of the name Sascha
  • Farrah-A common Arabic, American and Asian name that means hapiness
  • Falisha-A variant of the name Felicia, it means ’happy and fortunate.
  • Freyda-A unique name Yiddish origin that means joy.
  • Gale- A name that translates to joy or pleasant; derived from the French name Gail or Abigail
  • Halona- A Native American name that means happy fortune.
  • Jovie- An English name that means jovial and happy
  • Lykke- A Danish-Scandinavian name meaning happiness and good fortune. It is pronounced as ‘Lou-Keh.’
  • Laticia/Latitia- An English baby girl name that means joyful and happy.
  • Helga-A German/Scandinavian origin name which means ‘prosperous and successful’ something that leads to joy
  • Mabbina- An ancient Irish name meaning ‘happiness.’
  • Makenna -A name from Africa that translates to one with a happy and cheerful personality.
  • Nara- A Japanese name that simply means happy.
  • Kiki- French name with a Bohemian style that translates to double happiness.
  • Ike- A west-African name meaning one who brings laughter.
Female Dog
English Bulldog

Male Dog Names Meaning Happy

  • Asher – A Jewish origin name meaning ‘happy or fortunate.’
  • Alan- An Irish name that means cheerful and handsome
  • Vinod-A male name of Hindi origin that means happiness, joy, enjoyment, pleasure.
  • Onni- A masculine name meaning happiness, luck. It is of Finnish origin.
  • Dakari-A name of Shona language that means rejoice.
  • Kasen-This is a gender-neutral name of English origin that means pure.
  • Ancel-A Hebrew name meaning happy.
  • Arnan– A name of Hebrew origin that translates to joyful
  • Anit-Means joyful unending
  • Cayo-A name from Spain meaning rejoice.
  • Eden– An ancient Hebrew name that means delight.
  • Felix– A Latin name which is quite popular in European countries. It means happy or lucky.
  • Fane-Means happy and joyous
  • Faegan-An English baby name which means joyful.
  • Gil-Pronounced as Zheel, this a name of Hebrew origin meaning happiness
  • Gale-A classic Irish name which means happy and cheerful.
  • Gili- A Hebrew name meaning my joy.
  • Ike-A famous three-letter name that means one who brings laughter.
  • Jay-An English name that means to rejoice.
  • Jevin- Joyful and brave
  • Nario-an Italian origin name meaning ‘cheerful and happy.
  • Oron- A cute name meaning happy.
  • Selig- A typical Jewish name meaning happy or fortunate.
  • Toshan-A name Indian origin name that means satisfaction.
  • Ullas-A traditional Indian name meaning light or joyful.
  • Vuyo-A classic Xhosa name meaning happiness.
  • Whelan-An Irish name that means happiness.
  • Yuki-A classic gender-neutral Japanese name that means happy or snow.
  • Zahal-A Hebrew name that means joy.
  • Zorion- A common Basque name that means happiness
  • Zelig-A common name that means happy.
Leonberger Dog
Male Leonberger

Other Names

  • Felix
  • Joy
  • Ada
  • Gila
  • Eda
  • Abi
  • Freida
  • Aylén
  • Ditza
  • Glee
  • Rina
  • Aine
  • Leti
  • Gila
  • Meave
  • Leda or Leyda
  • Simja
  • Kalea
  • Rina
  • Luanna
  • Radka
  • Joy
  • Olina
  • Sanyu
  • Suad
  • Keiko
  • Anuli
  • Isel
  • Eve
  • Bea
  • Sachiko
  • Raha
  • Aidan-Variant of Eden
  • Festus
  • Feliciano
  • Gae
  • Blythe
  • Aidan-Variant of Eden
  • Festus
  • Feliciano
  • Gae
  • Blythe
  • Helier
  • Hepzibah
  • Hilary
  • Ilo
  • Jubal
  • Kalea
  • Lowena
  • Merewen
  • Merilee
  • Merry
  • Naava
  • Naim
  • Nayo
  • Preeda
  • Radeyah
  • Rafa
  • Ronia
  • Sachiko
  • Seeley
  • Simcha
  • Ziven
Playful and cheerful Dog

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