Male & Female Dog Names that mean Survivor.

Survivor is a name that can be used to refer to the die-hards, the persistent, the ones that can go through hard conditions and come out.

The following is a collection of female and male names that translate to survival.

Female Dog Names that Mean Survivor.

We have many female dog breeds that are born as survivors. They are meant to protect. In case you happen to have one and you’ve been looking for a suitable name for her, check the list below.

  • Abira-A name of Hebrew origin that means strong.
  • Aife –The name means beautiful and radiant. It is of Irish Gaelic origin.
  • Alexa –A name of Greek origin that means to defend.
  • Amari –It means eternal. A name of Hebrew origin.
  • Arminda –The name is of Italian and Spanish origins meaning Jerusalem liberated.
  • Audie –A name of Old English that means noble, strength.
  • Bellatrix –This name means female warrior. A name of Latin origin.
  • Borghildir –(Borg) means protection and (hild) means battle. It is of Swedish origin.
  • Boyan –This name is of Bulgarian origin which means warrior or fighter.
  • Caden-The name means Companion or friend in Arabic, warrior or fighter in English and Spirit of Battle or Spirit of war in Welsh.
  • Caroline –The name is of French origin meaning strong. Feminine version of Charles meaning free man.
  • Charlotte-A name of French origin that means free man or petite.
  • Clodovea-The name is of Spanish origin and it means famous warrior.
  • Delmira –This name is of German origin meaning noble protector.
  • Dustin –A name of Old Norse origin meaning brave fighter in ancient Germanic language.
  • Eferhilda-A name of English origin that means bear or warrior.
  • Elda-The name is of Anglo-Saxon origin that means Wise or prudent advisor.
  • Emlyn –It means rival, trying to equal or excel. It is of Latin.
Female Dog
Girl English Bulldog

Other Names

  • Evin
  • Filomena
  • Gertrude
  • Griselda
  • Heilwig
  • Hida
  • Ilona
  • Imelda
  • Isla
  • Jaelyn
  • Jayce
  • Kari
  • Karla
  • Kayleigh
  • Kimberly’
  • Lonella
  • Maude
  • Meredith
  • Nina
  • Olivia
  • Ritza
  • Sandra
  • Shylah
  • Tesha
  • Tulelo
  • Twila
  • Ushindi
  • Valentina
  • Victoria
  • Zoe

Male Dog Names that Mean Survivor

Male rottweiler
Male Rottie
  • Adofo – Ghanaian name meaning ‘survivor.’
  • Ajax – Greek name meaning ‘eagle.’
  • Alais – he was a famous warrior.
  • Alaysus – famous German name meaning ‘warrior.’
  • Albern – named after a noble warrior.
  • Amanpal – for a peace fighter.
  • Anakin – after a brave warrior.
  • Batair – after a very strong Scottish warrior.
  • Bizirik – the Basque name meaning ‘survivor.’
  • Blaz – this name means ‘unwavering protector.’
  • Cathair – names after a very strong survivor.
  • Cedric – English name meaning ‘bounty.’
  • Chris – the Greek name for ‘the carrier.’
  • Clovis – for the one who fights for survival.
  • Devante – the name of a justice fighter.
  • Dreng – used to be a strong warrior.
  • Einar – for the warrior who walks alone.
  • Elvy – the name of an Elf warrior.
  • Ethan – Hebrew name meaning ‘strong.’
  • Finian – the name of a great warrior.
  • Fremont – also known as a liberty fighter.
  • Geralt – after the Witcher.
  • Griffith – also known as the chief warrior.
  • Hulushka – the name of a mythical warrior.
  • Igor – after a great Scandinavian warrior.
  • Jadrek – the Polish name meaning ‘strong.’
  • Julgus – Estonian for ‘courage’.
  • Kaori – in Japanese, this name means strong.
  • Khalon – this name is known for a strong warrior.
  • Kimble – the chief of all warriors.
  • Ludwick – a strong and capable survivor.
  • Lutador – in Portuguese it means ‘fighter.’
  • Magnar – great name for a strong warrior.
  • Magnar – used to be a strong and fierce warrior.
  • Makin – this name means ‘strong’ in Arabic.
  • Mut – German name meaning ‘courage.’
  • Neron – Spanish name meaning ‘strong.’
  • Odwaga – the Polish name meaning ‘courage.’
  • Oskar – Hebrew name meaning ‘divine strength.’
  • Previzio – it means ‘survivor’ in Croatian.
  • Ray – it means ‘wise protector.’
  • Remo – Greek name meaning ‘the strong one.’
  • Samosuke – the Japanese word for ‘survival.’
  • Sarid – the Hebrew name meaning ‘survivor.’
  • Sigur – Icelandic for ‘triumphant.’
  • Skoldor – the name for a protective wolf.
  • Survivant – the French for ‘survivor.’
  • Takeo – Japanese for ‘warrior.’
  • Tom – Hebrew name meaning ‘innocent.’
  • Wyatt – the name of a great survivor.

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