Best Girl & Boy Dog Names that Start with L.

Dog names with L as the first letter have energy that vibrates optimism, creativity, inspiration, and exploration.

L pooch names range from, Lucky, Luna, Lulu, Lakota, Lizzy, Lando, Lakita to Luke.

Following is a complete list of cute and sweet L name ideas for your girl and boy pup.

Top L Dog Names.

If you like following trends or want to ensure your dog is totally in the loop, then you’ll love this trendy list.

  • Lucky-A unisex name of American origin meaning Fortunate.
  • Lassie-Feminine name of Scottish origin meaning Young Girl, Maiden.
  • Lucy-An English Feminine name of Latin origin meaning light.
  • Levi-A Male name meaning attracted, joined in Hebrew and hero, knight in Levanter.
  • Leo-A Latin male name of Greek origin meaning lion, the king of the jungle.
  • Lambo-A surname, Patronymic in origin meaning son of Lambert.
  • Lady-An English name meaning female head of a household.
  • Lord-A male name of English origin meaning loaf-keeper.
  • Luna-A masculine name of Latin origin meaning Moon.
  • Lacey-Transferred use of English surname meaning belonging to Lacy or Lassie.
  • Lake-A Unisex English topographical name for one that lived by the stream, Old English Lacu.
  • Lakota-A Native American tribe speaking Lakota as a language meaning the allies. Unisex name.
  • Lulu-Female name meaning Famous Warrior and is of English origin.
  • Laddie-A male name of Middle English origin meaning a man servant; young man.
  • Libra-Feminine name means The Scales, Equality and is of Latin origin.
  • Lottie-A girl name diminutive of the French for Charlotte meaning little and womanly.
  • Lizzy-Can also use Elizabeth; female name of Hebrew origin meaning oath of God, or God is satisfaction.
  • Lyra-A Female name of Latin origin meaning Lyre, Harp.
  • Lando-A name of Spanish origin meaning Famous Land.

Cute Girl Dog Names that Start with L.

L female pooch names bring some substantial feminine energy that that cannot go unnoticed. The vibe of these names is perfect for the dog owner who enjoys all things girl-power. These are classically female names, but that doesn’t mean male dogs can’t enjoy them too.

Cute girly Dog
Cute Dog
  • Livvy-From the name Oliver or Livia meaning Olive tree or referring to a bluish, lead color.
  • Labelle-A name of French origin meaning the beautiful (woman).
  • London-The name means The Great River and it’s of English origin.
  • Lexie-A name of Greek origin meaning defender of men.
  • Leslie-A name from the Clan Leslie meaning holly-garden.

More other female dog names that begin with L include:

  • Lorna
  • Larissa
  • Loretta
  • Liza
  • Laurie
  • Lolli
  • Lily
  • Lora
  • Leah
  • Labrie
  • Linda
  • Layla
  • Lucia
  • Lauralee
  • Laney

Boy Dog Names that Start with L.

These masculine names are perfect for that manly canine in your life, but they are great for your pretty princess pooch as well.
Regardless of whether your dog is male or female, these strong masculine L names would make for a great fit.

Male Dog
Boy Dog
  • Lex-A name of Greek origin meaning Man’s defender or warrior.
  • Lee-A name meaning clearing; Meadow and is of Unites States origin.
  • Luka-A name from Lucania meaning light, bringer of light.
  • Larry-A name from Laurent meaning Laurel crowned.
  • Ludwig-An Old High German name meaning famous war.

Other L names for male dogs include:

  • Len
  • Lambert
  • Lobo
  • Leeroy
  • Lockhart
  • Linus
  • Logan
  • Leonardo
  • Lent
  • Langston
  • Logan
  • Lars
  • Lansing
  • Louie
  • Lloyd
  • Lucifer
  • Lion
  • Leader
  • Lasso
  • Lancaster
  • LoJack
  • Law
  • Lasher
  • Legion
  • Luther
  • Leech
  • Longshot

Cool Dog Names that Start with L.

Dogs are so cool, right? Especially your dog. There’s just something about his/her energy that puts him/her at a different level.
You know everyone sees it. So, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest sounding L names for the coolest pup in town.

Cool Dog in Glasses
Mr Cool
  • Lyric-A name meaning Words of a Song and is of English origin.
  • Lancer-Of Jewish (Poland) origin and ornamental name from German lanze’ lance’.
  • Lumos-A name of Latin origin meaning light or lamp.
  • Lyte-Derived from the Old English name light.
  • Lox-An American English word derived from a Yiddish word meaning salmon.

Other names include:

  • Lynx
  • Lazarus
  • Lux
  • Lamborghini
  • Lyon
  • Lunar
  • Loki
  • Lava
  • Legend
  • Liberty
  • Landmark
  • Levi
  • Lionheart
  • Laser

Funny Dog Names that Start with L.

Do you love making people laugh? …and your pup is a natural at it, right? We get it. There is nothing better than putting a smile on someone’s face!
If you want to up the grin factor by adding a hilarious title to your jokester of a dog, then this is the list for you.

  • Lemony Sniffit
  • Lady Liberty
  • Lady Gaga
  • Lil’ Bow Wow
  • Louis V
  • Little Bit
  • Lucy-Fur
  • Lil’ Romeo
  • Lord Barkston
  • Licksalot
  • Lil’ Wagz
  • Last Chance
  • Lots
  • Lex Luthor
  • Lord Voldemort
  • Law n’ Order
  • Level-Up
  • Little Big Man
  • Lady Deathstrike
  • Lucifer

Unique Dog Names that Start with L.

Trendy, fashionable and latest names neither last nor stand out. You would rather choose a classy and totally distinctive moniker for your pooch.
Here is a collection of seriously uncommon dog names that begin with the letter L.

  • Lakita-A name of Arabic origin meaning found treasure.

Other names include:

  • Lexicon
  • Layaway
  • Lorre
  • Limbo
  • Lotus
  • Larz
  • Lakota
  • Layoff
  • Laika
  • Limited
  • Lauper
  • Ladron
  • Laughton
  • Lufsen
  • Lawford
  • Lushy
  • Layamon

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